You cannot command trust or loyalty, two things that are crucial to success today. Also crucial to success is your ability to develop an empowered culture where people feel safe to speak their minds and make decisions on their own. Empowerment depends on people trusting one another. The youngest generations in the workplace want to work in an environment where people are empowered, and they have self-expression. They also want to see all people treated with dignity and respect. If these needs are not met, they leave.

People must understand and consistently demonstrate behaviors that tier to trust. Behaviors include how you treat people. You will never get to trust if you are not consistently meeting human needs of “respect” and “Purpose.” Yet, trust is the core of a successful team. and culture.

In a low trust environment, people hold one another at arm’s length because they are afraid to speak their minds and be the unique individuals they are. As a result, everything moves slowly.

Furthermore, in a low trust environment, most often fear runs rampant. Fear freezes all that is good in any organization.: low trust impacts employee satisfaction and retention, performance, and bottom line, it impacts the bottom line.

It is true to say that your number one responsibility today when you go to work is to develop and sustain trust. because trust has a direct link to employee retention and organizational sustainability. #leadership #leadershipcoach #Coaching #SHRM #trust

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