Syllabus: Leadership Development for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders



This program of work is designed to help any organization create an empowered, collaborative culture based on a foundation of respect and trust. Empowerment and collaboration do not occur unless basic human needs of respect, purpose and trust are met. You will never get to trust without meeting the human needs of respect and purpose.

Over 70% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged. Most developed countries are looking at the same. Research points to our inability or unwillingness to meet human needs of respect, purpose and trust. On top of that, most organizations are experiencing turnover rates of 95-100% for new hires—young people. Veterans and Boomers stayed, Gen Xers may, but the two youngest generations, Gen Ys and Plurals, will not stay if human needs are not met. They will not tolerate what their more senior colleagues did. Employee turnover rates and engagement are linked to culture.

In this training, participants learn the basics of behaviors and methods to create an empowered, team-oriented culture where people are equally interdependent on one another for success. From the first Training Module “Five Generations: Embracing Diversity” to “The Historical Evolution of Leadership Styles” to “Developing a Culture of Trust” to “Communicating for Success” to “Time and Organizational Management” and to “Coaching…” every module teaches everything from a “relationship” standpoint, including holding people accountable and customer acquisition and retention.

Participants learn about the trends and issues that are requiring us to change our culture and meet human needs if we are to succeed, develop soft skills and emotional-intelligence skills, tempered with solid methods to engage and hold people accountable, problem-solve, manage conflict, and at the same time help people learn and grow so you maximize people potential.

It is an excellent program of work for any leader of people, self-directed team members, and newly appointed supervisors. Considering your success depends on developing an empowered, team-oriented culture in which relationships are crucial, this program of work will help everyone learn behaviors conducive to relationships and trust.


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