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4 Generations @ Work

Organizational leaders are scrambling to find solutions to what has become the world's most challenging issue--how to engage and retain people. Money is not the answer. Engagement and retention are linked to culture. The workplace needs of the two youngest colleagues, Gen Ys and Plurals, are different than what their more senior colleagues, Veterans, Boomers and even Gen Xers look for.  The most mobile people in history, if needs are not met, they leave. Understanding workplace needs that help engage and retain people is crucial to success. 

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Digital Grenades

Organizations are losing millions due to poor communication:  skimming, not reading to comprehend, and abbreviating.  Results are misunderstandings, fractured relationships and teams, lost customers and revenues, and high employee turnover rates. Cyber bullying is on the rise, including in organizations.  Seemingly thoughtless bits, bytes, letters and words “tossed” at people with no consideration to how one's silent words impact people. We are forgetting there are human beings on the other end of the network we are communicating across. Communication does not occur just because you speak, or press send.  Communication is a circle.  It occurs only when the recipient(s) hear, comprehend, and respond.  We are not “listening to understand.”  We are not “hearing” what is being said. 

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3 Things All People Want

The most powerful form of motivation costs nothing:  meeting human needs to tap into intrinsic motivation.  Once life-giving needs are met, all people need to be Respected and valued for their individual uniqueness.  All people need to know they are making a difference--Purpose.  And all people need Love.  Love is the greatest of human needs.  In the organizational world, Respect and Purpose tier to love. Further, all people want to trust and be trusted.  Developing trust and team-orientation is crucial to success, and especially to engaging and retaining people.  You will never get to trust unless you meet human needs of “Respect” and “Purpose.”  In today’s relationship-oriented world, these can be any organization or communities’ building blocks to success.

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