Respect and Value People for Who They Are!

“Get to know the people in your life. Value and respect them for who they are, not who YOU think they SHOULD be.” #leadership #management #trainer #speaker 

The Greatest Human Motivator Costs Nothing

All people need to know they matter; to be respected for their individual uniqueness; to Be trusted. #leadership #motivation #management

Attracting, Retaining & Engaging All People 

Attracting, engaging & retaining younger generations. Nurturing #Trust & empowering all people. #management #SHRM #speaker #trainer 

Micromanagement is a Killer

"Micromanagement is a culture, motivation & innovation killer. Even the most passionate people become silent and exit. Energy is stifled. People talent is imprisoned never to be leveraged. Micromanagement is a cancer that destroys every fiber of an organization."...

“The Power of Ask!” to Trust and Employee Engagement

“The Power of Ask!” to Trust and Employee Engagement

Leadership today is about giving people a voice so they can think for themselves. It is not just about getting people to follow.  (Hatley, 2015, "4 Generations @ Work") One of the most powerful things a leader can do to inspire people to commitment and engagement is...

Everything Gets Done Faster 

“When people collaborate, they share, learn, create and innovate. New ways of doing business & customer care evolve.” #leadership #customerexperience 



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