Training Topics

This list includes critical training topics and key focus areas.   Other training modules can be developed.  If you do not see what you need, ask me if I can develop the topic you are interested in.My goal is to provide knowledge and information that can be easily applied in the workplace and personal lives. All training focuses on new-age leadership methods and culture:  inspired leadership—people-oriented leadership methods that aspire to all people; intergenerational leadership skills; empowered/collaborative cultures; and developing a culture of trust.

“Inspired leadership elevates everything!”  Impacts people maximization; employee engagement; sales; customer experience; and retention!   

Understanding Self and Others! Leading an intergenerational work force!  

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • 4 Generations, with introduction of Plurals who are beginning to enter the workplace
  • Generational preferences and values;
  • Cognitive maps and filters and why we view the world as we do
  • Leadership style preferences shift and what works
  • Intergenerational collisions: Workplace challenges and conflict resolution
  • Creating common ground
  • Developing self-awareness

Developing a Culture of Trust!  Integrity and Being Authentic

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • “The Trust Factor”, what it is and why trust is crucial to success in any organization or community today—employee and customer impact.
  • In the absence of trust
  • Being authentic is about everything you are and do: Are all your voices singing the same song?
  • Congruency: from all aspects, including across social media
  • Transparency: in communications and otherwise
  • Modeling the way—leading by example and people impact
  • Commitment and follow through (promise-based-management)
  • The intent test
  • Integrity and how we treat people, and impact to customer service, sales, customer retention, and people
  • Honesty and truthfulness
  • Trust “first” to be “trusted”

Empowering People!  Giving people a Voice!

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • Inspired leadership elevates everything!
  • Three things all people want
  • “Motivation” versus “Inspiration”—intrinsic motivation
  • Micromanagement impact to trust, engagement, morale, culture, and customer retention.
  • Leadership model today
  • All people want a voice: In the absence of voice, impact to engagement, morale, customer service, and culture.
  • “Do I have an Empowered Culture?” questionnaire, designed to stimulate thought and conversation surrounding workplace realities. (Participants will be given the “Do I Have an Empowered Culture?” questionnaire before this session for review in preparation for discussion.)

“The Power of Ask!”

Impact to trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • Inclusion
  • Validating people as being important
  • “I want to know I matter”
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Improving team performance
  • Effective Leaders today model this…
  • Cross-functional team collaboration
  • Recognizing and celebrating successes
  • Coaching and mentoring how tos

Listening to Understand—Wholehearted listening!

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • Listening to understand is inclusive, respectful, and helps nurture trust;
  • Culture as a tornado
  • Listening for your turn to speak, is not listening to understand
  • The interrupter and ego driven…
  • Innovation and creativity impact
  • Listening with purpose, compassion, and empathy—others before self
  • Consideration of individual communications preferences
  • Asking questions and creating understanding
  • Eye contact and body language
  • Listening to Understand does not mean you have to agree.
  • Establishing team expectations: setting goals and accountabilities!

Diversity and Inclusion, with “inclusion” being the operative word!

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • What is Diversity and Inclusion today?
  • Why it matters to engagement and performance?
  • As a competitive differentiator for any organization or community
  • Tolerance and acceptance for individual uniqueness
  • I am a culture of one—no two people are alike
  • No excuse for mistreatment of people
  • This thing called RESPECT
  • Managing and leading “colleagues” and “friends”—equity, fairness, and equality!

Communicating to Succeed!

Impacts trust, employee engagement, customer experience, sales, and customer retention!

  • VOICE! Do all my “voices” sing the same song? Do all my “voices” tell the same story?
  • Face-to-face
  • Email, texting, social media and everything else! Digital communications etiquette 101!
  • Inclusion
  • “Tone” of voice, including digitally
  • Digital grenades
  • Body language
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Eye contact: trust, authority, engagement, and empowering
  • Are all your voices Respectful?
  • Courteous—the please and thank yous…
  • Collaborating digitally
  • Communications impact to customer trust, sales, retention, and customer service.

Managing Conflict!

  • Overcoming fear of conflict
  • Coaching and mentoring to employee development, developing relationships, and reducing conflict
  • Focus on intergenerational preferences and values and how to coach/mentor, and give feedback.
  • Communicating
  • Giving AND receiving feedback
  • Step-by-step how to manage conflict in the organizational world and in your personal life

Culture! What is it? 

Defining “my” culture!

  • What is “culture?”
  • Communicating culture to employee engagement
  • Culture and congruency in culture internally and externally. Does my brand, employee behaviors, customer interaction, and customer messaging speak congruently to the culture and brand image?
  • Asking employees to define and develop culture
  • Integrating and understanding other cultures
  • Fun! Creating fun and camaraderie—important to engagement, developing trust, and reducing stress! Crucial to retaining younger generations as well.
  • Establishing team expectations!