A Leadership Journey



What began as an educational research project as I completed my graduate degree in leadership became a personal passion! It became a journey of self-discovery and helping others understand themselves and the people in in their lives. It became a journey of helping people succeed in a flat, fast-moving global economy, which since then has become a raging digital revolution in which organizations of all kinds are struggling to retain people.

But, most importantly to me, it became a journey of raising awareness of the importance of aspiring to human needs to maximize people potential and create empowered, high performing teams. Why? An empowered, team-oriented culture is mission critical to engaging and retaining people.

Having experienced and listened to the voices of many for over 40 years, I know what a culture of “control,” “power,” and “fear-based” leadership and management methods can do to the human spirit. It is brutal! It restrains people’s voices, and any thought of innovation and creativity. Such a culture is oppressive, and abusive to the human spirit. It is “hate-based” management and leadership. It is not leadership at all. It is abuse!


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