Time and Organizational Management




Your “quality of life” is significantly impacted by how well you manage your time and organize your life. Effective “time management” is significantly impacted by how well you organize your world — at work and at home. One is dependent on the other. Managing yourself and your life in a way that you create balance in all that is important to you is key to improving your quality of life. Balance!

Furthermore, considering the importance of relationships to developing cultures of trust where teams thrive, we must make decisions in a way that we leave no human casualties. If we rush through “things” to mark action items off our list without regard to the human beings who are involved in the process, we compromise relationships. It takes much longer to repair relationships than it does to take time to do it right the first time, to do it with consideration to all team members and their various roles. Therefore, the way in which we make decisions impacts our ability to make the most of time.


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