Communicating to Succeed




Communicating effectively has always been important to success. But communication has become very complex. It used to be we just picked up the phone and called or talked face-to-face. Later came emails. Now we add to the list texting and social media venues, instant messaging, web cast, VOIP, and what next?

We have the most diverse workplaces in history, generationally and ethnically. Furthermore, most organizations have five generations in the workplace. Each generation has different preferences and values and expectations in the workplace, including communications preferences. Your customers also have divergent preferences.

Most people in the workplace now are prolific users of digital communications and prefer the more informal methods of communications, i.e. texting, email or social media. Anyone who relies on digital communications most of the time tends to prefer the use of more informal communications methods.

Consequently, Digital age attention span is “eight seconds and shrinking.” Communicate accordingly. If you don’t grab the reader’s attention immediately, you will lose them. But it is more than that. As a reader or “listener” we have a responsibility to those who are “talking” to you. As a “speaker” or creator of digital communications, you have a responsibility to “communicate” effectively.


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