Coaching People for Culture, Engagement, Growth & Accountability




Leadership author and psychologist Daniel Goleman said, “There are six essential leadership styles. Coaching is one of them and it was shown to have a ‘markedly positive’ impact on performance, culture, and the bottom line.”

Yet, the coaching style of leadership is least used. Why? It is misunderstood. People think it takes too long saying, “I don’t have time to teach people and help them to grow.” Some, who value the old-world controlling fear-based methods of power and control, or whose personality is controlling, fear the coaching method will reduce their ability to “control” and reduce their “power.” In a leadership class filled with supervisors and mid-level managers, a participant said, “People don’t want to coach because they are afraid of losing control…” This, most often I have found, leads to resistance to a coaching style or the inability to learn how to coach.

Leadership is NOT about controlling people. To succeed today, leadership is about giving people a voice so they can think for themselves: empowering people. You cannot empower people by making them fear you. Empowerment comes when people feel safe to be themselves, speak their minds, and share freely.


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